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Styled To Rock / Big Sean and Naya Rivera in the Spotlight / Episode 109

December 26, 2013 1 min read



I guess you can say at this point, I'm over it. Once again I get over looked. Welcome to my world.


I guess I needed to "talk" my way to the top. Which is not me. I feel my work speaks for itself and you either like it or don't. 


I must say this was my proudest moment. I made a mens "Hip Hop" look which, in my opinion, is pretty damn impressive for a fetish designer or any designer who does not normally have such a style. So in my opinion "I WON". I have shown the world that I can design crazy stage costumes, red carpet looks, and hip hop. I would like to thank Dexter for his help and pushing me to not steer to far from myself this episode. I also understand that this challenge was very hard for Dexter, having just been eliminated the day before. But he did help me style my looks and for that "Thank you!"


The finale is next and I can not tell you how excited I was to be on my way home! 


I did forget to take photos this episode. I guess that shows you how hard I was working..... or I was over it. But I will leave you with some paper dolls I made while I was stuck in my hotel room during casting!