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Three Latex trench coats by Theirry Mugler in gold latex and rubber

Metamorphosis winged creatures, superheroes, cyborgs, and otherworldly women are walking down the runway at 1995 Mugler Couture fashion show, a fashion shows that Vogue has labeled one of the most unforgettable-” The big 20th-anniversary show at Cirque d’Hiver was like the essence of Mugler. It was a mix of completely futuristic fabrics like PVC, vinyl, and rubber mixed with traditional couture. The future is based on the past, so why not reuse things from the past to make a better future.” explains Manfred Thierry Mugler, who is french couturier,but before, Mugler was a showman who went on to design costumes for the movies and, yes, the circus.From his early days as a dancer with the Ballet du Rhin, he has viewed the human body as an instrument for artistic excellence. This is no surprise whyMugler has birthed some of the most Iconic looks, revolutionizing the fashion world with that famous muglarian silhouettes to later famously photographed by Helmut Newton. Couture to ready to wear- Mugler’s design approach displayed a strong yet sensual woman. In the early 90’sThierry Mugler displayed the dawn of the iconic Muglarian silhouette, the bold shoulders, and tiny waist and most importantly the exploration of our favorite fabric-Latex. With glamorous yet sculptural designs, Manfred Thierry Mugler explains his audacious choices, such as using innovative materials-in his collections like metal, fur, vinyl, and latex -
”I have always been fascinated by the most beautiful animal on earth: the human being. I have used all of the tools at my disposal to sublimate this creature: fashion, shoes, perfumes, photography, video,” says Mugler.
Theirry Muglas iconic latex bug fashion in black and yellow latex.
Here we gathered a series of latex looks that have inspired us through time.  Images that have also taken space in our mood board. Mugler not only proves that latex is a one of a kind fabric but it is also a fabric that is never bound by limits of wearability.
Finally, in Interview Magazine- Mugler explains how he views himself as a designer-“ I never say I’m a fashion designer. I’ve always felt like a director, and the clothes I did were a direction of the everyday. There are women with small waists and big shoulders, so it’s not much of an exaggeration to me. The shoulders were always important. In dance, I learned about the position of the neck and the way you should stand.  
 The Mugler woman is bold, strong, unafraid, she dresses to devastate and in our eyes, she is an Enigma.
Theirry Muglas black latex caped woman in front of statue. 1997 Runway fashion model wearing a pewter latex dress from Theirry Mugler's paris couture show. Four latex clad fashion models wearing black latex catsuits from a 1997 couture show in Pairs.