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January 19, 2023 3 min read

Back in December, Skims, the shapewear line founded by Kim Kardashian, launched a new latex line. This isn’t the first time a celebrity line has embraced latex; back in 2021, Beyoncé's Ivy Park debuted a collection of vinyl pieces, which were incorrectly promoted as being latex. And the Kardashians have been no stranger to latex, having recently sported a number of latex looks (especially Kim). Still, we were curious to see how Skims’ latex pieces held up in person, especially given their position as a mainstream, more affordable brand. We decided to investigate by making some purchases and are sharing our thoughts below. 

Skims Latex

Quality and Price 

The products are inexpensive, especially compared to standard latex pricing, with the pieces ranging from $48 for a latex thong to $128 for a long sleeve dress. However, they’re made in China and the quality is noticeably lower than typical latex products (especially Vex products). Not long after purchase, the panty liner on one of the items became unglued, an indication of the poor quality (although the side seams did hold up after some stress tests).

Skims Latex

Skims Latex

While Kim K often wears latex herself (we’ve recapped some styleshere and here) the Skims products are not the same type of high quality. For those looking simply to emulate her look, they achieve the same effect, but the use will likely be limited. And those expecting the same type of long-lasting high quality will likely be disappointed. It’s also worth mentioning that since the products are made in China, the conditions of how the pieces are made and produced is unclear. 


The designs are very simple and available in basic silhouettes. The collection consists of only five pieces - a bralette, thong, leggings, mini skirt and long sleeve dress - all available in three colors (black, bronze and a light gray). Anyone looking for a custom item or a unique piece or color isn’t going to find it in the Skims collection, but for those looking for some basics or experimenting with latex for the first time, it’s a good option.


Latex requires specific care in order to maintain the look and ensure longevity (you can read more about thathere). Unfortunately, the Skims products don’t offer much information about how to properly care for the items. Although there are instructions on how to wash, there’s little guidance on how to care for and/or store latex, how to maintain the sheen, what to avoid to prevent damage and so on. Those familiar with latex products will know how to care for the items, but for those trying latex for the first time, which we assume will largely be the case, there’s a greater risk of damage. 

Our POV 

The collection offers latex at a decent price for those with a limited budget who want access to a trend or to emulate Kim’s look; however, because they’re low quality and lack care instructions, there’s a higher risk of product damage - potentially limiting the use. The concern is many of those who buy Skims’ pieces will presumably be unfamiliar with latex, and the low quality and lack of care instructions could negatively impact expectations. A bad experience with the Skims products may cause misperceptions about latex as a fabric and ultimately dissuade others from wearing latex again in the future.

In our opinion, you get what you pay for and even if it’s more expensive, ultimately it’s worth investing in a higher quality product from a trusted designer who understands how to work with the fabric and educate customers.


Images c/o Skims website

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