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Latex Fashion News

Celebrities in Vex

In honor of Earth Day, we're digging into the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of latex.

Sustainable Latex

A recap of some of the best latex moments on the red carpet.

On the Red Carpet

Latex vs Vinyl

Beyonce's latest looks are fierce, but they aren't technically latex.

Latex? We call fib! The truth behind Beyoncé's latest looks.

Our friend Sergio Hudson designed two outfits for the inauguration. Check out our past collaborations with Sergio!

Congrats to Sergio Hudson!

Valentine's Day Latex Gift Guide

Best latex gifts for the holidays

Holiday Gift Guide

Feeling Festive: How to wear latex for all your holiday celebrations

Designer Spotlight: A.K. Latex

Iconic Celebrity Latex Fashion Moments that We Love

How Latex Came Into Fashion

Caring For Your Latex

Thierry Mugler: Getting to know one of our idols

Designer Spotlight : Harikrishnan

Latex Taking Over The Runway For Fall 2020